Employee Benefits Consulting

How is your company addressing the brave new world of the ACA?

Healthcare costs have been increasing at an alarming rate for over a decade. An aging population, dramatic increases in prescription drug costs, increased utilization and consumer demand, and new medical technology are just a few of the factors that have driven the average premium cost for family coverage to over $15,000 per year.

The ACA was the answer….

While the ACA has been effective in enrolling certain segments of the population, it has done little to address the increasing costs for these programs.  It also vastly increased the complexity of maintaining and operating your plans.  The ACA is increasing your costs not just in terms of pure premium, claims dollars, and taxes, but also in the amount of resources your business needs to dedicate to ensure you are operating these plans effectively and compliantly.

Radical Times need Radical Solutions

The same old answers do not work under the ACA. Increasing copays, deductibles, and the employees’ cost share of the premium are all limited by the legislation, and a good number of our clients are bumping against those limits. New answers and radical solutions need to be vetted and implemented. Sabal Benefits brings the knowledge, rigor, and experience to ensure your plans are running at maximum efficiency in the new environment.

Below are 6 topics that every Employee Benefits plan Sponsor should be actively engaged in, or researching. Click on each box to find out more about how Sabal Benefits is helping our clients make their Employees Benefits programs work for them: