Benefit Alignment Workshop

Employee Benefits, and medical insurance in particular, have been regarded as an ever increasing cost to your business. As this line item grows in the budget, its importance and how it is viewed is diminished. Employee Benefit plans are seen as a cost, and not an asset to recruit and retain top quality employees.

The goal of the Benefit Alignment Workshop is to convert your employee benefits program from a cost to an asset. We achieve this by talking directly to the most important individuals at your firm who are receiving the benefits. We make sure that their needs are being met with the current plan offering, and make sure the business is not over spending.

A session takes a 1/2 day. We spend a little time with your top people, not the leaders – but the real people that represent the majority of people and embody the core values of your company.

We interview your best talent (usually 5 to 10 individuals) – the ones you need to retain and ask them about their life choices and future needs. The information is analyzed and the results presented to you contrasted with the existing programs This exercise helps HR professionals build a thoughtful employee benefits program addressing the real needs of your top talent.

We have done many of these workshops, the results are always different – because people are different, and they have different interests, and life needs and reasons for choosing to work for you.

The results might be different than what you would expect – but they will be more impactful for your future business.